Nick Parks – An Artist in Clay

Last night I was trying to Shop electricity rates texas when I just could not focus. I decided I wanted to watch something fun and thought about something made of clay. When was the last time you saw a truly good stop-motion film? Was it Gumby? Or maybe you grew up on the Claymation escapades of everyone’s favorite pesky penguin, Pingu? A man named Nick Parks created a series of Claymation films that all revolutionized robinhood the industry and really raised the standards you and I probably came to know and love through programs like Davey and Goliath.

Nick Parks’s signature series involved an absent-minded inventor named Wallace and his genius dog named Gromit who played the silent hero. What first started as a series of short, nonsensical and hilarious adventures eventually gave way to what would become a worldwide phenomenon. It even resulted in a full-length, feature film and several more were soon to follow, but what is it about these characters and their stories that makes them so wildly celebrated all across the planet? What is it about these little clay people living in little clay houses and existing in little clay worlds that makes them so charming?

It’s simple really. As children, most of us played with is robinhood available in south africa clay. The soft feel of it on our hands, how we can make almost anything out of it. It is that same softness and that same charming personality that Nick Parks instills in all of his clay creations and that is why he is an artist in clay.

Examining the Video Game as an Art Form

When most people think of Video Games, they think of kids playing all day ignoring the outside world. Well maybe they play too much, but there is a reason. Have you looked at a video game recently? Just the pictures alone make you think you are watching a movie. And that is only one part of it. Video games also have carefully constructed story lines, not just a main story line but hundreds sometimes thousands of story lines a player can follow to his hearts content. Video games also make cut scenes. That is scenes of important plot that the player gets to watch like a movie. The people who put these games together are artists. Many of them even go to art school to learn how to use the tools so they can make their ideas come to life on a screen. And, many times the concept art robinhood trading south africa game designers made before they put it into computers is released with the game so players can get a feel for what the original design was before it became digital art. Even coding the game itself is an art form. So next time you go to the store take a second look at that video game art.

The Unheralded Genius of Video Game Artists

The vistas created by video game artists are absolutely amazing, a form of expression that deserve due credit. Whether gamers are brought into a fantasy world, the recreation of a film setting, or someplace that seems completely authentic, video game artists have brought their illustrations to new heights. Realism, imagination, and creative forces combine with the skillful work of the video game artist producing the behinds the scenes magic. In an industry that continues to thrive as more game systems are produced with greater levels of sophistication, the video game artists are the backbone that make the components and characters come together for a satisfying experience for the consumer.

There are a host of games including those intended for young children, games that are aimed at young adults, and games for mature audiences with adult themes and images. Some games are educational for children, some teach adults different skills such as cooking and gardening, others are for fitness, while the majority are for pure entertainment. Talented artists in the video gaming arena know how to create animation that will work to suit the game as well as the audience. One wonders what exciting worlds video game artists will develop next.

Modern Directors Whose Vision is Redefining Film

If you are a film buff, you know there is nothing quite like the feeling a truly good movie can give. A film crew is made up of a large group of people who do jobs to acheive a certain artisitc vision through film, but one of the most important jobs in the film industry is the job of the director. In order for a movie to truly be good, the movie must have a good director. If you are looking for up and coming directors who are taking the world by storm, here are a few who have the artistic vision to truly redefine film.

Darren Aronofsky

Darren Aronofsky is a truly visual director who takes his films to another level. From the depressing vision dislayed in Requiem For A Dream to his latest visual masterpiece, Black Swan, Darren Aronofsky brings his unique vision to make movies that truly redefining film.

Joel and Ethan Coen

The brother duo of directors create movies with an edge that are different from many movies of the past. They technically have been making movies for years, but it’s only been recently that their movies have had a major impact on society while redefining film with their groundbreaking movies like No Country For Old Men and Miller’s Crossing.

These are just 2 of the many directors who are creating groundbreaking cinematic experiences that are truly redefining film. Hopefully, we will get to enjoy their artistic visions for many more years to come.

Czars of the Canvas: Russia’s Greatest Painters

Have you any idea why Russia’s Greatest Painters are deemed Czars of the Canvas? There are countless of painters, artists and musicians all throughout the world but then what makes the Russian Painters a cut above the rest? Well, it is perhaps how Russian Painters have made a remarkable impression as far as art, music and painting are concerned. After all; they have married their culture to their love for art. They have mingled art with the culture they have been born with – a culture that is not only inspiring but at the same time, truly eye-catching.

Russian Paintings Boast Of Genres And Concepts Of All Sorts

From the traditional Russian artworks to the contemporary Russian paintings being auctioned in various galleries all over the world, you will notice that each genre depicts a sense of class and culture that money cannot buy. It is so delightful to look at Russian paintings especially that they reflect concepts of realism, abstractionism, impressionism, surrealism, expressionism, post-impressionism, fantasy, or avant-garde. Truly, nothing can be more delightful than to have a look at such Russian paintings – both traditional and modern.

Russian Painters Offer A Wide Assortment Of Themes

One last thing, Russian painters always offer a vast array of themes. You may select the theme you like based on your need or preference. There are the so-called Russian landscapes where the beauty of Russia is displayed through painting; the genre scenes, paintings about still life or nude scenes, or portraits of both prominent and mediocre faces.

Explore the works of countless Russian painters who carried on the traditions of the late nineteenth century and you will feel the timeless power of their works. If you are bent on catching a glimpse of Russian art works, you may always check out the Russian Museum located in St. Petersburg. It is where a lot of the best Russian paintings of all times are stored.

Drawing the Line Between Graffiti and Urban Art

The line between Graffiti and Urban art continues to draw controversy. Is it public defacement or an expression of artistic temperament? Opinions vary with some saying Graffiti is not an art form and others indicating it can be amazing art but only when it doesn’t destroy private property. Still another person commented, “Its like a footprint on a foundation. makes you think about who left it behind”. As a gorilla art isn’t the purpose of graffiti to make passersby think about where they are and who else has been around?

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Breaking Down Bach: Composers Inspired by Johann Sebastian

Johann Sebastian Bach was a man who has inspired millions of musicians, composers, artists, and writers worldwide. His work is among the most recognized and he is considered to be one of the greatest composers of all time. Several of the musicians he inspired were his own children, who grew up to be fantastic composers and musicians themselves. (Wilhelm Friedemann Bach and Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach from his first marriage and the six children from his second marriage: Gottfried Heinrich, Johann Christoph Friedrich, Johann Christian, Elisabeth Juliane Friederica, Johanna Carolina, and Read the rest of this entry »

Exploring the Hidden Roots of Jazz Music

Understanding music, both as a listener of it and a player of it, is a never-ending journey, with multiple layers of meaning and revelation. It seems that every time you get to the true essence of a piece, a genre, a performance, or an artist you find that you can go deeper still. One of the great joys of music is this discovery of meaning. Getting to the hidden roots of jazz music enables this joy.

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Who Silenced the Poets? An Examination of Modern Poetry

What can one say about poetry today other than that it’s conspicuously absent and that hardly anyone even realizes the silence left in it’s wake. This is because that silence is loud indeed. The hole left behind where poetry once occupied our culture is of course filled in with the meaningless cacophony of radio, television, video games, cell phones, the internet and so on.

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